Lot's Wife Speaks by Whitney Schultz

Lot's Wife Speaks

Faceless woman who dissolves
like the wicked and bitter salt
that crusts your dry lips, 

I am the one who turned back
a mother's eye. 
I heard the screams, felt the tug
in my gut. Those are someone's children. 

My daughters are steps ahead now—
hair flowing back like flames. I blessed
their hair, gave thanks to God
for what I had not known
before they were born: 
the smallness of their hands
pink skin like my own breasts
the pull of their hungry mouths. 

This is what I think of. 
If I cannot look away, 
who would blame me?


Whitney G. Schultz earned her M.F.A. in poetry at UNC-Greensboro. She currently lives outside of Baltimore, where she teaches creative writing and literature. Her poetry and flash fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in "deLuge", "SmokeLong", "One for One Thousand", "The Light Ekphrastic" and "Contemporary American Voices," among others. 

Elijah Tubbs