i butchered my hair today by Nadia Gerassimenko

i butchered my hair today
with blunt razor used for
traveled boxes & contained tilapia.

i resisted you, the one
that keeps me up at night—
mind racing, body pacing,
then sitting on the toilet
waiting for the last fire waste
to drop & call it a night.
the one that in the morning
stiffs my limbs, clouds my head;
i move in crawls & tease my brain
to regain hardly any consciousness.

i butchered my hair today
asymmetrically, but it waves
like vines, like freedom.


Nadia Gerassimenko is an Assistant Editor at Luna Luna Magazine by day, a moonchild and poet by night. Nadia self-published her first poetry collection "Moonchild Dreams" (2015) and hopes to republish it traditionally. She's currently working on her second chapbook, "a chair, a monologue." Visit her at tepidautumn.net or tweet her at @tepidautumn.

Elijah Tubbs