2 Poems by Adam J. Gellings


after Manuel Álvarez Bravo

People say she appears each morning
to offer her prayers.

They say her ballads are eternal.
The Maria & her shadow

shuffling through the sleeping streets.
Her small frame bent like a tree 

that has grown
with the direction of the wind.



after Manuel Álvarez Bravo

What is there left to do but turn
& look at the photographer
crouching behind his camera.

Twice a week, the three women
& young girl march their goods
through the dust & debris

spreading beneath
bare feet & thick skirts
to set up a stand near the fresh mangoes

jicamas & honey. The congestion of
the barrio bursting like blackened seeds
on a ripe row of sunflowers.

Until it's time to close– disembark
on the journey back home   single file   hands full.
The glare of the young girl opens

like a patch of late afternoon sky
where the sun has come through
to carry the weight of the entire town 

as it slides along the side of a large clay wall
& disappears.

Adam J. Gellings is a poet from Columbus, Ohio.

Elijah Tubbs