Glimmers by Peycho Kanev


The apricot tree behind the house is bathed
in fragrant morning dew. 
Yellowed people in old pictures quietly whisper
to each other inside the photo album on the shelf. 
Butterflies in little girl’s color flutter through
the blue ether. My memories live lives of their own, 

Bright leaflets from the sun fall over the rooftops. 
In the midday hours everything loses its weight.

I close my eyes and the black dogs are closing
on me. 


Peycho Kanev is the author of 4 poetry collections and two chapbooks, published in the USA and Europe. He has won several European awards for his poetry and his poems have appeared in many literary magazines, such as: Poetry Quarterly, Evergreen Review, Front Porch Review, Hawaii Review, Barrow Street, Sheepshead Review,Off the Coast, The Adirondack Review, Sierra Nevada Review, The Cleveland Review and many others. 

Elijah Tubbs